Auto Insurance Leads at an affordable Price
24 Jun

Auto Insurance Leads at an affordable Price

Auto Insurance industry has grown in the recent years.  The demands for auto insurance leads are increasing day by day with more and more insurance agents are joining insurance lead buyer network. Most insurance companies are seeking for high quality insurance lead provider. Every year the market has got competitive.

Finding quality lead provider has never been easy than it was before. More and more lead generation companies are involved in generate and selling auto insurance prospectus. Finding the right source that fits on your need perfectly is a huge task. Working with iRadius Group is a different story overall.

Our company has years of experience and ability in the insurance lead industry we have a team of high qualified personal constantly working hard on monetizing each traffic we generate and funneling it to the right insurance buyer in real-time as per their need.

All insurance lead buyer’s need quality lead at an affordable price. Well we have the best auto insurance leads at an affordable price that does not make it heavy on your pocket.  You just need to follow simple steps on sign-up with us and order your leads. We have a ping post system that which delivers leads in real-time. You can set your cap and price we will match the lead that can fit on that price.

At this time we are selling more than 1000 auto insurance leads per day and the numbers are growing.Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars which does give you back nothing. But our car insurance lead has higher ROI and unmatched quality.

Our auto insurance leads are sold between $1 and $5 and our leads have huge demand because of the affordable price. We sell our leads to many insurance agents and re seller’s.

If you are a re-seller or an independent insurance agent buying auto insurance lead on ping-post contact us today. We really have a great opportunity on partnering with you.