Offering Group Health Insurance Leads

Offering Group Health Insurance Leads

In 2011, iRadius Group has decided to enter into insurance vertical after having all the expertise in the automotive industry of over 10 years. With our experience on hand we launched our insurance websites to promote different insurance offers health insurance lead proved to me one of our main vertical.

With the help of this websites and additional traffic from our affiliate network. We were able to help many insurance agents, insurance carriers and re-seller those were craving for health insurance leads.

With the growing demand for internet leads we have helped tons of agents with quality health insurance leads to lead their insurance business into success. We offer a price that is not just affordable but unbeatable.

Our clients are very happy with our pricing models. Not just that we have robust insurance platform for our agents but we also have client login where our clients can easily access their leads just by clicking download and call each health insurance prospectus.

Selling health quotes has become so easy and convenient with our platform. We had exclusive health insurance prospectus for our agents and we are receiving very positive feedback from almost all of our buyers. You can sell both single and family health insurance quotes and we have the best service you need.

Many agents these days have been constantly searching for new insurance lead sellers they can tie-up for quality lead. Working with iRadius need only give your access to our platform but it will also give you full access to the best quality lead in the industry.

We deliver leads 24/7 so you have enough fuel to run your business and close more insurance quotations. If you are reading this now just go through our whole website and services and it will help you understand our business model and service quality. You can even search for different testimonials on our website to make up your mind on working with us.

Reasons why you should work with iRadius Group is we have consistent volume and best quality insurance leads. Stop heading for another source. Make your decision today and try our uninterrupted quality lead service.

We have best Health Insurance Leads. Contact us today.