Real time Individual Health Insurance Leads

Real time Individual Health Insurance Leads

Real time, Individual Health Insurance Leads are hard to find. All iRadius Group Health Insurance Leads are generated in-house by a expert team of marketers. Every Health Insurance Lead comes from web traffic, and we don’t resell leads from other companies. This strict overlook allows us to control the quality of every Health Insurance Lead you buy.

Our Quality Health Insurance Leads disqualify wasted time and money. With our high contact rate leads, you’ll keep your sales department busy talking to prospects and not wasting their time trying to get them on the phone. For health agents and brokers who understand the need for Exclusive Health Insurance Leads, Executive Leads has the products that will surpass any other lead provider.

All leads are sold using our unique lead id model, which guarantees that you pay a reasonable price for every Health Insurance Lead.

Here’s how it works. You set your maximum bid, which is the most you are willing to offer for a lead. But you infrequently actually pay this price. Instead, you’ll pay just a penny more than the second highest bid.