At rally point level 10, the fire catapult can target all buildings except the stonemason, cranny, and trapper. Travian Detailed Romans Guide by Tinasilna. This way you can know if you need to build a bit more legio or not. The Battering Ram is a heavy support weapon for your infantry and cavalry. cav def values @lvl20. They're outclassed by both, phalanx and spearmen, in both defensive categories. One important reason for players to pick the Roman tribe is the possibility to extend a resource and an infrastructure building at the same time. But 20 villages have two great advantages.First, they produce WAY more culture points than the 10/5 combination. If you’re reading this guide you’re playing, or want to play a Roman. So no, I don't have a problem with gb-def in particular, but with gb in general. So, when both praetorians and legionnaires are paired together, an army of cavalry or infantry stand less of a chance attacking them. How good are Legionnaires for robbers compared to imperians? They are very balanced and are strong in both attack and defense. I didn't say you said that. No other race can match the raw power of roman infantry, not even with cavalry. Without escorting troops, it is almost defenseless, so don't forget to send some of your troops along with it. There is actually only one reason that would come to my mind why using great barracks/stable is useful. Instead of 6000 praeatorians and 1000 imp you could have 7000 legionnaires for similar crop consumption and defence but 4x attack. His wheat requirements are exorbitant. Praetorian is the best anti-infantry def no doubt but It is never wise to only spam praetorians in this game wherein there are low number of teuton players that play def. Well, he has not a single prestige star, therefore he doesn't have over 25 prestige, therefore he can't be king, therefore he's governor. Note that my guide is from King's point of view so pls don't make them all into cities for as our friend @Be2-e4 explained the disadvantage of making cities than villages. If you plan on following this guide set your resource bonus to Crop Only, you will go into negatives if you don't do this. When you first register an account on any Travian domain and server, you will be started with a basic village, which are the most common, since every new account is started on these. The Travian manual has this to say of Romans: "The Roman empire is the easiest for newcomers to Travian." I think you have problem with making GB for def units. Roman troops are considered the elite of the game in which every individual is strong. Shown below is a picture of your basic village (with my field levels blurred out): In this Video i show you the tribes of travian and their advantages and differences! Also, you're fucked, if your def is actually needed and decimated, because now you have nothing to clear robbers anymore. He can scout other villages for troop count, defenses, and resource amounts. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Speed: 5 fields each hour (10 fields 3x speed server). Caută răspunzând la întrebări. But its great to secure treasury. "You can do a hundreds of good deeds but everyone will remember the 1 mistake you will do. Agree with you since your first word.I'm only here to show some support against ignorance. Hence, Roman has the best stationary defense but is not suitable for mobile defense and anvil building. This guide below is intended to be used by all travian players but ideally should be used by an active player. You didn't say make everything into cities and spam gb. The Praetorian is the infantry defender of the Roman army and he is the best infantry defender in the game. The Roman tribe is a very interesting one, and for some reason everyone advice new players to go for romans. Sorry if I offended you. Here, the upkeep and training times of Equites Legati, Equites Imperatoris and Equites Caesaris can be decreased at levels 10, 15 and 20 respectively. The weakest defenders are the haeduan and paladin. This "guide" is aimed at moderate-skill players who want to raid solo on a roman account. Means the ratio is not too far apart so if roman hammer claps your def with only 60% phal 30% prae 10% spearf then those EC's will kill a lot of def. Use it to clear robber camps/hideouts and you can also use both units as defense (even though they are not the best, they still do their job). Archer, wtf, great barracks for defense troops? This is because praetorians don't have the best defense against cavalry, rendering them almost useless if an army of cavalry attacked. However, keep in mind that he eats a lot of wheat (3/hr). All for the rpg travian game. This left a slightly arrogant impression of yourself. To compensate this flexibility, his training is expensive compared to the Teutonic and Gallic beginning units, but has a significantly higher defense than the Teutonic Clubswinger and better attack than the Phalanx. He is the foundation of the Roman's attack force because of his high attack. Travian Offensive Roman Guide Starting Out Choosing romans on travian at the start can be a risky move due to not being able to raid as fast as teutons and not having as good defense as a good travian gaul player. With that said, having a dual is usually more efficient and better all around if you communicate well. Conclusion: As roman def account culture points are very important as you're likely limited by the amount of barracks you can produce in, instead of the amount of resources you produce to fill up the barracks. He also carries the least amount of resource, which makes raiding difficult. I have honestly no clue who you are, I never played a com server. The ability to queue three instead of two buildings helps a lot to grow the account faster, to build a large Wa… Romans have some of the strongest units and most advanced buildings, but they are also prime targets for early game farming because they get off to a slow start. In every other case building four hammers (= same cost as one in great buildings) has more advantages. The Fire Catapult is used to destroy the fields and buildings of enemy villages. Before you start going through this guide, just be aware – I am not a top 5 player. Instead of wasting your cp slot to found a city you can found another village and recruit troops in both of them - to the half costs resulting in the same troop amount. ... Travian: Starting Guide for Gold Users - Duration: ... Travian - Roman … In attack, Roman hammer usually consists of heavy infantry (Imperians) and heavy cavalry (Equites Caesaris) together to maximize attacking power. It should be effective if you have a 1-2 week late start on the server. Let's say you replace all cities with two villages and get your treasury villages to 1k population. Especially Archer.Now What Im planing is.1-Attacker (starter village) 44462-Praetorian3-Legionaire4-Scout ( is a scouter really important for def account though), Ratio Legion:Praet villages should be 1:3 (let me know if I need to increase Praet villages), 1 - it would be better to move your offensive troops to your crop-capital (if you are useing one - and you really should), 4 - Scouts are a very importent ressource for your kingdom and since your stables as a def-roman are not needed in any other way, you should build some scouts but not prioritize them over praetorians. "My guide clearly stated 24/7 troop queue on barracks and gbIts a generalization of all your barracks and gb so if ever you dont have gb then it doesn't matter.I also never said in the first place in my guide to make gb nor to prioritize in making gb.So how did I become arrogant I always play king so its natural that it was my point of view, I would not suggest something that I have not experienced.Pretty sure most players of speed rounds already know I always play king but I won't be surprised if you don't know it.What I am saying is we must not share some guide on playing a certain style if we ourselves did not experience it.Thus I share in a pov of a king and not a governor. How many resources can you hide? Can someone post a guide on how to play as roman defensively or mixed style . When your barracks are built, train about 4-6 legionnaires. i'm totally aware of the romans cav-heavy hammers, on the other hand against the usual club-spam teutons your praetorians would be a dream. If you're planning to send your hammer straight to ww. In late game, a developed Roman has the best infantry defender (, A fully upgraded Horse Drinking Pool (3.5) can reduce the wheat consumption of calvary by 1 wheat, making, Romans usually have the best infantry defense in the game. This meansif we didn’t specialize, we’d have to research the same stuff in every village again and again, thereby wasting resources on infrastructure instead of building units with them to prepare fo… Some things to remember as roman def.-Do not build Equites Imperatoris and Equites Caesaris-You can make only legionnaire/praetorians/scouts-it is never worth to make cavalry for def. Residence or Palace Level 10 or 20 (15 in Palace/Capital). Settlers can found new villages. I really wonder why, I can’t see why it would be the easiest one to play. Goodluck. Thank you. You must only make roman scouts in your stable, nothing more.-24/7 queue of legio/prae in barracks and great barracks.-Settle on tiles 4-3-4-7 or 4-3-5-6 for legionaire village-Settle on tiles 3-4-5-6 tile for praetorian village-Settle on tiles 4-5-3-6 for scout village-Make a imperian/EI off army in your capital village for robbers and some raid, every other ones must be defense.-tournament square is a must build as roman troops are the slowest. In Travian, we call a Crop dominant village either a 15c, 9c, or 7c. This is because offense players often have to take their scouts and go out with them while defense players mostly station scouts to their or their friends villages or use small amounts to scout farms., He also makes a good defense unit, especially against other cavalry, however, he cannot match legionnaires wheat for wheat. A more detailed analysis of roman troops and their attributes, as well as the affect of the Horse Drinking Pool on those attributes, can be found at do not build any legionaires ... totally not worth building, to defend against cav you have teuton spears in your kingdom. His defense is very poor compared to other infantry units, and he should not be used to defend at all. Keep in mind 1 Imperian trains for 1:26 and 1 E.Caesaris can be trained max 1:36. For now, we will use them to raid our inactive neighbours. Romans have the best infantry defender. Therefore, the Roman army is high in quality but low in quantity and consumes much less crop than other tribes' armies. He is also very expensive and slow to produce. Travian Guide: Having Three Senators in Many Villages (continue) Continuing my writing about how to get 3 senators in many villages, I will illustrate it with this example (in sequence): For instance, we have 2 (two) villages, we call them as A village and B village. Remember that villages merely represent infrastructure, and our primary goal is to grow our military. I don't know where your numbers come from, propably I don't even want to know that. In case you cannot find the answer you need on your own you'll get a chance to contact us at the end. Some troops (Legionnaire, Imperian, Equites Imperatoris, Equites Caesaris - Roman troops; Clubswinger, Axeman, Teutonic Knight - Teutonic troops; Swordsman, Theutates Thunder and Haeduan - Gallic troops) are considered offensive. Its task is to destroy the enemy walls and, by doing so, increase your troops chances to overcome the enemy's fortifications. To find an answer, select a parent category and then child categories until the answer appears below. Praetorians' strength comes from their defence versus infantery. The Equites Caesaris is the heavy Roman cavalry. Strategy guide for aggressive raiding roman players. The Imperian is the heavy infantry attacker of the Roman army and crop-wise speaking, he is the best advanced infantry attacker. I am not really fond of how governors build up their account so would be nice to follow his suggestions too. Romans are one of the three tribes in Travian and they are usually the second most popular tribe (30-40% players of each server are usually Romans). Travian Strategy Guide contains all the playing strategies which me and my team used to launch us to the top of the server ranks.. Then your second village is where you will build your offense units to kill robbers and participate in smaller attacks and eventually turn it into a capital while the first village can either continue with Legionares and scouts or go to Preatorians and scouts depending a bit on what kind of playstyle you are looking for. He is not a good attacker, and should not be used in attacks, with the exception of emptying out villages of their resources if needed. They are more peace-loving than the other tribes on Travian, and they have speed and protection bonuses. 10 villages + 5 cities do produce the exact same amount of def per day as 20 villages. A Roman Hero's Fighting Strength grows by 100 instead of 80 per point allocated. You produce at least 6k per village and it needs 5,142 ressources per hour to fill a barracks level permanently with pretorians. Sorry dude I always play king, you must've not know how much resources a king that rule 1400 tiles kingdom has.Maybe governors doesn't need GB but my statement is from a king's pov.You can never go wrong with 15 roman villages and 5 of it are cities for treasuries, why not make GB in it.Plus don't tell me you won't even make 1 GB even in capital? Also, keep in mind that each settler can carry 3000 resources. Producing def in great barracks is literally the most wasteful way to deal with your resources.Your thoughts on legionnaires are quite more comprehensible but also mislead. However, to compensate for that, most Roman troops take a long time to train and it's expensive. He is not the fastest type of cavalry in the game, but he is faster than any of the Teuton cavalry. Roman villages can be completely stuck in the game when someone regularly raids their village (. Also, EC is twice as fast as a Praetorian so you might be in time with them to be the decisive factor. Hello guys, I am an old time travian player, mainly played as Gauls in (+,-), because i loved the Theutates Thunder. Also the Roman Hero's Fighting Strength grows by 100 per point allocated, while other tribes' Heroes only grow by 80. So expect those phalanx and praetors to get cleaved up by caesaris or other heavy horse in a hammer siege attack. "Answers" can help you finding answers to Travian relating questions. This is only halfway true. Also the topic is about sharing guide for roman def/mixed There is no justification that he wants guide for roman 'governor'. And use the exact same amount of culture point slots. Crop-wise speaking, Roman troops provide the best stats for each crop consumed and therefore, Roman is the best tribe in late game (in late game, most resources are abundant except crop). After that, he can be used as a cavalry defender. But since you can reach 1,000 population for increased influence radius quite cheaply (compared to your losses due to training in great barracks) without wasting your culture points I suggest not to found cities but found villages instead. The most important thing is to build in as many villages as possible and spread your villages over your kingdom because your def-production lacks a bit in movement- and productionspeed compared to gauls/teutons. In defense, it is a good idea to pair the infantry defender (praetorian) and the cavalry defender (legionnaire) together. The Gauls are for players who prefer to play defensively. This guide is written primarily for speed servers running Travian Version 3.6, but is compatible with Travian 4 and some aspects work with Travian Classic servers. But after that, I recommend you to only focus on Praetorians in your other villages (Add a stable for lvl 20 scouts in 1 of them). you must've not know how much resources a king that rule 1400 tiles kingdom has. Yes. Gauls can hide twice as many resources in their crannies. These are the basic roman troops, and they are good for both offence and defence. If you are not newbies, most advices are probably obvious to you and it is probably not your place. Awesome Inc. theme. That depends on the level of the cranny. The post was edited 1 time, last by Archer (Apr 3rd 2017). As you can see, the best defenders are the praetorian, spearman and phalanx. O_O. Two crannies are better if you're playing a Roman or a Teuton. The Roman city wall is brittle (easily destroyed by rams, compared to other tribes' walls). In early game, the legionnaire can be used as both a raider and an attacker until being replaced by other specialized units (Imperian for attack and Equites Imperatoris for raiding). If you want to play the Romans effectively, there is an excellent Roman guide on the Travian forum. Travian Kingdoms Guide, Guide, Tactics, help , build, TK, tutorial Considering they are significantly cheaper defence per initial cost than Preatorians (one month before they are even on total cost per defence). It is always in this ratio in def60% phalanx (2 out of 10 players prioritize haeduan over druids)30% Praetorian10% spearfighter (1 out of 10 players play full def teuton). That's the difference between getting a Top 100 account and a Top 1000 account. Roman Guide (regular sever) Introduction This guide is based on information from Travian and my own experiences. So he is asking for one's personal guide for reference in possibly any roles and he will possibly choose one in all suggestions. However, why you shouldn't train def in gb is what I have calculated in my last post in detail - shortly summarized, even if the city is a treasury city you gain more advantages by having two villages (one of them built to have over 1k pop) compared to one city. If your village has Equites Legati, he can detect enemies scouting you. Travian for Dummies: Top 5 Early Game Tips. This means that Equites Caesaris can potentially become the best cavalry unit on the game in terms of attack/wheat and attack/time, surpassing what is currently the best heavy unit, the Teutonic Knight. A Social Travian Idea [Part 1] Guide to Settling in the Grey Zone; Comx is on Hot Endgame; Steve's Travian 4 Roman Start Guide; Guide: Building a Hammer; The Travian Takeover; Travian Forums Down to Security Issues; Hero Item's on T4 - Left Handed Items March (10) February (12) January (8) 2010 (171) With the added bonus of a level 15 Horse Drinking Pool (3.5), Equites Imperatoris becomes the most powerful attack per wheat consumption cavalry (60 attack per 1 wheat consumption) tied with the Equites Caesaris. Travian Roman strategy guide Strategy guide for aggressive raiding roman players. He can be trained at the residence or palace. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. You also stated that you might want to play a hybrid Roman account, therefore my suggestion would be to build a Legionnaire/Equites Caesaris army in your capital.It has a decent off value, because of the ECs great Attack and the Legionnaire is a hybrid unit anyway. อง, Roman, strategy, Travian. The Equites Legati is the Roman scout. He is also the slowest infantry unit of Travian, with a speed of 5 fields per hour. Speed: 6 fields each hour (12 fields on 3x speed server). How arrogant of you to believe that you have superior knowledge. The Legionnaire is widely considered a generalist and is the only unit in the game good to use for all three main functions (basic light infantry attacker/infantry raider/cavalry defender). Your browser has JavaScript disabled. A level 1 cranny will only hide 100 units of each resource (100 wood, 100 clay, 100 iron, 100 wheat). I estimate they are around 2k per day, maybe a bit more, maybe even 2.5k a day, but even that would be way less. But those 30k resources are costly, because you sacrifice a lot of strength for it. Woah woah woah, hold your horses.I never mentioned "Make all your villages into cities and spam gb. Legionnaires have 35 (compared to 65) while having the edge in defence versus cavalry (50 compared to 35), but - like I said - being outclassed there. Which means every village can be a pretorian-def-village which can fill itself easily. At rally point level 20, your catapults can target two buildings in one wave. Research in Kingdoms is not global to your avatar – you need to research and upgrade units for each village individually as well as unlock buildings. Praetorians are the strongest inf-def, you should focus on them. I wanted to return to travian, but I have missed many starts, have a full time job .. He is a quick and easy raider, as well as cheap by Roman standards. However, they are slow (speed 5) and slow to build (both can only be built in Barrack). 1 Target Readers 2 Preparations 3 Get Started 4 In the Beginners Protection 5 After Beginners Protection 6 Further Objectives The following article provides some advices for newbies only. They tend to deal more damage on the attacking side than if they were on the defensive side of the battle. But the good thing about romans is that their units, while expensive, are the most powerful in the game. Să începem cu întrebare ta. It is based off of my recent experience on travian legends 1x speed server. The Roman tribe is a very interesting one, and for some reason everyone advice new players to go for romans. He is good at defending against cavalry, especially when combined with Praetorians. Cum să găsești un răspuns: alege o categorie, apoi subcategorii pînă vei găsi un răspuns. Roman troop training is very expensive and takes a long time. While he is good at defending against other infantry, he lacks sufficient defense against calvary. But you don't really think that a king's pov is the right one to refer to when guiding a new player, do you?Yes. You will see 5 Travian Defensive Roman Strategy Guide that some people in your neighbourhood are not growing at all, often even staying at size 2. But also ignoring that it's much more likely that a governor asks than a king. But if you're lacking cav-def in your kingdom you should consider asking your gauls to focus on their phalanx instead of druids or haeduans and not asking your romans to build legionnaires. Gauls, Romans or Teutons? If you don't plan to take a cropper then the plan is fine except you definitely want to add scouts into your second village alongside Preatorians. I'm doing only prets. Its the writer's choice if he liked the king's pov of playing roman def or if he like the governor's pov.Also the topic is about sharing guide for roman def/mixedThere is no justification that he wants guide for roman 'governor'.So he is asking for one's personal guide for reference in possibly any roles and he will possibly choose one in all suggestions. Travian is a game of luck, skills, and patience. I would suggest (this requires levelling your hero, so add the points as you level) putting two levels worth of points (8 total) into resources on a speed server and doing about 4 … Pretty sure most players of speed rounds already know I always play king but I won't be surprised if you don't know it. You need 7,058 legionnaries to make up for 6,000 praetorians. Speed: 16 fields each hour (32 fields on speed 3x server). I have been a -good- player. Therefore, Romans are usually very weak in the beginning stage where resources are limited. Travian Answers. So if you suggest him to just spam praetorians then RIP to his kingdom's anti-cav def. In any competitive game, the early stages can be quite intense. Really?, The highest defense-bonus provided by the, Crop-wise speaking, Roman troops provide the best stats for each crop consumed and therefore, Roman is the best tribe in late game (in late game, most resources are abundant except crop). The expert Travian strategy guide, travian gaul, roman, teuton guide, the best of the travian guides, the best resources for know travian strategies, tricks, hints, cheats, crop finder, hacks for travian, travian script and the travian faq. You will produce ~2.2k +- 100 culture points each day in every treasury village plus additional ~1.8-2k cp each day in the def village you got for not founding a city. but to be clear, praetorians provide exactly the same cav-def value as phalanx where the phalanx are providing decent inf-def as well. to com to some kind of reasonable compromise i would suggest to build some praetorians first and if you can asusme there is a lack of cav-def (mainly def oriented teutons) based on getter rankings or anything like that, you could plan to build a few legionaires. Most requested answers Bandgeeks Guide for Beginners: Troop… I don't like Legionnaries as def unit. Last Of Us View my complete profile. I don't need to explain that more culture points -> more villages -> more def production (and more resource production), do I?The second advantage is: You save ~9k resources each hour because you can train in two small barracks instead of a small and a big one (11k cheaper, but 2k more expensive because double party cost). Being bested by only the Gaul Theutates Thunder, he is good for raiding both light and medium defended towns depending on numbers. Travian 4 Tactics/Guides T4 Teuton Full Guide (For people with a life) Basically If you want to be a Teuton, you need to make every single step in the beginning by the right way. I just did the maths for you to show you that you would have driven better if you didn't found cities using the numbers you gave me.The point about the guide is - he wouldn't ask if he was experienced. I estimate your treasury cities do not produce 4k+ culture points a day, do they? Note: With the introduction of T3.5, there is a building called the 'horse watering place'. However, while lacking both the carrying capacity of the Equites Imperatoris, he more than makes up for it by being a highly dangerous raider capable of taking on large defensive forces. 2558. Btw legio:praet 1:3 is goodalso if you happen to be in a decent kingdom, find a teuton def player and befriend him, exchange update with how many spearfigher he has and praets you have. Now I see your problem why you … If you founded cities by accident or by mistake it is, if your target is to maximize def production, advantageous to build in great barracks - well, as a king who can pay that at least. Regarding defense/crop, legionaire/praetorian pair is the best single tribe defense of the game. The Senator is a Roman unit that can conquer other villages. Village specialization allows you to optimize resource investment. But ... you don't really gain that much: (Legios vs. robber "def") / (Imperians vs. robber "def"). maybe i shouldn't assume a kingdom to have enough structure/planning to avoid such horrible ratios ...but i don't think it's the right way to plainly suggest him to build legionaires even if it's kind of a waste of the romans potential if you could provide enough cav def in an other way. Well, honestly, also I thought it was your intention when I read your post. ... T4 Roman Full Guide; About Me. Thanks all who gave their suggestions. The higher level your rally point is, the more buildings the catapult can target. A good question, and this guide could be used without too much trouble by a gaul, and even by a teuton (although the teuton will have better strategies available). The Romans have several different types of troops, most of which are able to defend and attack adequately. Three settlers will be needed to found a new village. The settler is a special unit. Romans do not have special tools to defend against farming like. The difference is visible (33% less resource loss), but, it's only 30k, not really big of a deal. He is very powerful, slower than Equites Imperatoris, but still has the edge in speed versus Teutonic Knights. This guide has been written by Skie of the Danish Domains and edited by Steve10 & Lala of วันอังคารที่ 24 พฤศจิกายน พ.ศ. Hi thanks, I really appreciate it. Every account should have a village with max level scouts no matter if it's defense or offense.The difference between an offense and defense scout production is that offense players need a dedicated village just for this purpose while a defense player (especially roman) can build scouts in any defense oriented village of their choosing. Now I see your problem why you call me arrogant even though I am not.I think you have problem with making GB for def units.Dunno why this is a problem actually.Assuming you made it a city why not afford to make a GB in it so you mean to say only offense units are considered worth to make in GB even if you play def? If you’d like to become an Elite Travian player, win medals and awards, host a World Wonder village, fight an alliance war, and save time playing the game, then this website contains all the playing strategies you’re going to need to kick ass on the server… I’ve dominated my area and reached high on the rankings on several servers playing like this. If you tell an unexperienced player to train 24/7 in barracks and great barracks it is - without any further explaination - easily misinterpreted as "build cities, build gb, train there". If you do take a cropper then I suggest training Legionares from the first village to kill Robbers until you get your second village going (which should be a cropper). These resources will not be lost as they will be in your new village right away so you can begin to build. The Equites Imperatoris is the light cavalry and the main cavalry raider of Roman army. Additionally, they need 750 units of each resource to found a new village. Lesser active players might often face resource overflows. Beyond several thousand legionnaires the extra attack is useless and should prioritise praetorian. There is no justification that he wants guide for roman 'governor'. Their infantry includes the strongest defenders against enemy infantry (Praetorian), but their defense against enemy cavalry isn't as good as that of the best Teuton infantry (Spearmen). With the added bonus of a level 20 Horse Drinking Pool (3.5), Equites Ceasaris becomes the most powerful attack cavalry per wheat consumption (60 attack per 1 wheat consumption). However, legionnaires do have good defense against cavalry, but not the best defense against other infantry. It’s in Travian’s nature to really pit the players against each other; that is part of the reason why there is beginner’s protection. ", What he said sums it up pretty well, the only thing I would say though is:Don't use GB as deffer.. Keep queue on one or two more villages, you will have more troops spending less resources, [BM Founding Member]Mayin's squad: Avin, Delto, Mayo, Renuo The Equites Legati can not attack, and is not good at defending. In cazul în care nu vei reuși să găsești un răspuns, la final vei putea să ne contactezi. Please feel free to use your own style if you disagree with methods presented to you in this guide. I have never been. If you're targeting two buildings, keep in mind that half of your catapults will do their damage to one building and the other half to the other building. What Romans really excel at is the mid and late game. you should minimize your legionaire production as much as possible... in the best case build none at all, 1:3 sounds way too much from my point of view. I dont know how many def points I'm going to get from natars. If someone needs a co-player, I am more than happy to be that co-player. I’ve dominated my area and reached high on the rankings on several servers playing like this.

roman travian guide

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