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Being the leading insurance lead company, iRadius Group deals in exclusive health insurance leads. We offer the most wide-ranging, efficient and dependable sources of online health insurance sales leads. Our lead generation system is based on agents’ feedbacks for taking the health insurance leads dealing to the next level.


What Health Insurance Leads Company is Important?

Getting exclusive health insurance leads may be a hard thing to do in the business. It's hard to make out where to begin and which resources to believe, however one thing is assured - your clients are buying their insurance online.

According to a survey, every 3 from 10 online buyers have made use of insurance lead websites to get insurance quotes. In addition, almost 50% of the same shoppers have also visited lead aggregation websites like iRadius and don’t get insurance quotes through any insurer's website!

So, with not integrating any health insurance leads companies in your sales and marketing plan, you're losing among the finest lead resources for the insurance agents.

So, it’s very clear that you should leverage the right health insurance leads companies and spend extra time in talking with associated health insurance sales leads prospects and spend lesser time in finding them which helps you in doing more business sales.


Take Advantage of the iRadius Health Insurance Leads

By taking the assistance of a well-known health insurance leads companies like iRadius, you'll get access to some reliable and game changing tools which attract the pre-screened insurance buyers looking for the immediate quotations from the top health insurance leads companies.

It means your clients are shifting from individual office visits to convenient research, purchase and maintaining the health insurance sales leads online at own time.

Leveraging iRadius as the prospecting resource will give you an additional benefit of concentrating on the marketing on particular areas, threat types, or everyday life to gather detailed lead details from the consumers who are searching for the health insurance leads.

Trust in accordance with iRadius, helps providing exclusive health insurance leads which will ultimately get more business!

All our methods work flawlessly together to deliver the finest health insurance leads for the agents. Register today and start getting more high quality health insurance sales leads for your business!

Why Choose iRadius Group?

  • Access of industry’s leading health insurance leads
  • Excellent customer service
  • Health insurance leads are delivered with actual time from the interested prospects
  • No contracts with great new sign-up offers

Register today and allow iRadius provide quick solutions with brighter results.


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iRadius Testimonials
  • It is a great pleasure to work with iRadius Group for our auto and health insurance leads. We have been buying this leads since few years and they have been providing great leads.

    --James Anderson, CA

  • Finding quality life and home insurance lead was tough for us. We were searching for new traffic source for months. We now have found the great source we could rely upon.

    --Nicole Ferguson, TX

  • We were in search of a quality lead source for our Medicare supplement traffic need. After we started buying this leads from iRadius Group. We are happy with their lead services.

    --Anthony Williams, NY

  • Finding quality solar and home improvement lead was tough for us. We were searching for new traffic source for months. We now have found the great source we could rely upon.

    --Samantha Johns, CA

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