ˇ˘ ˆ H%˛˚)$ *+ H˜# Enhalus acoroides Halodule pinifolia Halophila ovalis Halophila decipiens " Cymodocea serrulata J˘ ˚I ˜%& ˇ˘ˆ 4 ˚I ˜%& ' H%˛˚'˜ ˜I$#˜)$ *+ H˜# Enhalus acoroides %˙'$(' Abstract Fruits and vegetables consumption was required by human body as sources of vitamins, minerals and fibers in achieving a healthy and nutritious balanced diet. 2017. 0000006120 00000 n The current paper highlights three home garden models - for Punjab, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh, developed and being validated in terms of their crop sequences, yield and nutritional output. Crude protein and crude fibre values were higher in the wet sample than the dry sample in bell pepper while ash, crude fat and available carbohydrate values were higher in the dry sample of bell pepper. 4. ENHALUS Richard, Mém. The use of the Probyte in terms of human requirements is described, as are the corrections for biologi-cal value, corrections for losses due to processing, and methods for setting a single protein standard in crop genetics research and pricing of commodities. American J. o, Frequency of Philippine Seagrasses. the growing piglet. Key words : fruits and vegetables, consumption, balanced nutrition, Indonesian population AbstrakKonsumsi sayur dan buah diperlukan tubuh sebagai sumber vitamin, mineral dan serat dalam mencapai pola makan sehat dengan gizi seimbang untuk kesehatan yang optimal. Mintakat 11 The world distribution of Enhalus is summarised in his Fig. Nutrients and genomes interact reciprocally; genomes confer differences in nutrient utilization, whereas nutrients effectively modify genome expression, stability, and viability. These models have been promoted through more than 200 field demonstrations and distribution of healthy diet garden kits to further scale up home gardening amongst thousands of farmers. Enhalus acoroides is a tropical seagrass with a high tolerance to environmental changes such as temperature and nutrients (McMillan, 1984; Terrados et al., 1999a), and therefore, changes in its morphological, biochemical or A good accuracy of 75% for the seagrass coverage was obtained by transformation of depth invariant indices (Xij) on Quickbird imagery. 0000013087 00000 n C34070059. Enhalus acoroides, a large dioecious seagrass, exhibits very slow rhizome elongation rate (Marbà & Duarte, 1998; Thorhaug & Cruz, 1986), but relatively high sexual production (Duarte et al., 1997). 1090 0 obj <>stream Data analysis from August'08 till date for the evaluation trials conducted showed yields in the range of 185.70 to 345.21 kg for these models. The method is used to detect a seagrass ecosystem is the supervised classification and the Lyzenga. Acid invertase activity increased 7-fold in K-deficient leaves, while alkaline invertase showed little change. Marina. The supervised classification method uses the spectral sensitivity of each pixel value of seagrass ecosystem objects and the Lyzenga method using attenuation coefficients based on sharpening the spectral values of pixels to a certain depth to increase of the reflected values of seagrass ecosystem objects. Data yang dianalisis adalah konsumsi sayur dan buah penduduk Indonesia. Total amylase activity increased 3- to 7-fold in K-deficient leaves, with maltose as the major product and small amounts of maltotriose. Hubungan Nilai Hambur Balik dengan Nilai Kerapatan Enhalus acoroides Menurut Drake dan Valey (2005) sensitivitas dari golongan sebagian tumbuhan seperti lamun ataupun alga memiliki struktur yang lebih lembut dibandingkan dengan dasar perairan yang kasar seperti substrat atau batuan didasar perairan. Proximate analysis showed that, together, E. acoroides seeds and pods could help meet the human nutritional need for fiber, protein, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. in The Gulf of California: contrast in seasonality and reproductive effort. Phosphorus also helps to filter waste in the kidneys, maintain and, meat, fish, milk, eggs, nuts, and seeds [60]. Sediment and seagrass samples were taken from seagrass and non-seagrass areas at each island. All rights reserved. Keberadaan lamun dapat berpengaruh terhadap populasi biota laut. 0000061309 00000 n These findings support the hypothesis that the piglet is a sensitive model for choline deficiency during the perinatal period. If highly penetrant gene variants are identified that affect nutrient requirements, the prevalence of the variant in that country or region will determine the feasibility and necessity of deriving more than one AR or upper limit (UL) for affected genetic subgroups. Rerata konsumsi sayur penduduk 70,0 gram/orang/hari dan konsumsi buah 38,8 gram/gram/orang/hari. xref Malnutrition in coastal areas is a widespread social and health problem in many areas of the world, with potential negative impacts on human growth, including brain development and intelligence. Total konsumsi sayur dan buah penduduk 108,8 gram/orang/hari. Report. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, This content was downloaded from IP address on 21/02/2019 at 01:27, Content from this work may be used under the terms of the. SPICE makes substantial inputs towards fulfilling regional and international obligations of the two countries as entailed in international conventions and treaties. Recent experiences indicate that few gene variants are anticipated to be sufficiently penetrant to affect average requirement (AR) values to a greater degree than environmental factors. On 3 March 1979, Enhalus acoroides was collected on a sandy—muddy beach at Ocean Road (39° 18′ E 6° 49′ S), Dar es Salaam. h�b```b``����� s�A��X��, � A recommendation for moderation of dietary fat intake is nonetheless desirable because it is easy to overeat fatty (and sweet) foods. 0000013845 00000 n Therefore, coastal communities are looking to marine resources for vegetable alternatives, including the fruit of Enhalus acoroides. Bila dibandingkan dengan kecukupan yang dianjurkan menurut pedoman gizi seimbang, konsumsi sayur dan buah tersebut masih rendah. 要旨:熱帯性海草ウミショウブEnhalus acoroidesの北限分布域における有性繁殖の季節性を明らかにすることを目的 とした。八重山諸島の西表島において2013 年から2017 年まで開花時期を観察した。2014 年と2015 年には、4×4 m 0000011051 00000 n Enhalus acoroides tercatat sebagai jenis lamun yang dominan dimana dapat ditemukan di semua pulau pengamatan kecuali Pulau Samalona. 0000006149 00000 n Crude fiber and carbohydrate content is higher than many other marine plants (e.g. Management of seagrass ecosystem requires availability of information on the actual condition of seagrass coverage. This study aimed to determine the contribution of E. acoroides fruit collection to coastal community livelihoods and food security, to identify the impacts, and to seek alternative solutions for seagrass management. Qualitative methods were used to gather information on E. acoroides fruit collection, fishery knowledge, livelihood contributions, perceptions of seagrass condition, and alternative management solutions. 0000008990 00000 n Homogeneous, medium sand substratum dominated this grass bed. Each E. acoroides fruit produces about 7,7 g of seeds per fruit so that 26 fruits would be needed to provide the daily WHO standard vegetable intake, … This is of importance as the piglet is becoming a widely accepted model for human infant nutrition, but little is known about the impacts of perinatal choline status on overall health and metabolism of, A new fundamental unit for protein is proposed and its use described. PERTUMBUHAN DAN PRODUKSI BIOMASSA DAUN Enhalus acoroides PADA EKOSISTEM PADANG LAMUN DI PERAIRAN DESA SEBONG PEREH, BINTAN Nia Yulianti,niayulianti3794@gmail.com Mahasiswa Jurusan Fl. The average Indonesian consumes vegetable 70.0 grams/person/day, equivalent to 35% of the total vegetable intake recommended by WHO and balanced nutrition guidelines in Indonesia. f .) Supervised classification method detected a widespread decline from 2013 to 2019 as much 19.16 ha. Each E. acoroides fruit produces about 7,7 g of seeds per fruit so that 26 fruits would be needed to provide the daily WHO standard vegetable intake, which would require a total area of around 0,22 ha for E. acoroides fruit production. Open fruit of E. acoroides Fig. 0000181960 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� Transformation was done on multispectral bands which could detect sea floor objects that are in the region of blue, green and red bands. Status Padang Lamun Indonesia, Archipelago. %%EOF This case study focused on the role of coastal women with different levels of knowledge and utilization of E. acoroides in three cities/districts of South Sulawesi. 0000005471 00000 n Percentage of seagrass coverage (C) was obtained by transformation of depth invariant indices (Xij) on Quickbird imagery, with transformation equation as follows: C = 19.934 - 63.347 X12 + 23.239 X23. Bot. They can also increase the body's resistance to degenerative diseases or infections. Accumulation and Phytoextraction Potential of Heavy Metals of Enhalus acoroides in The Coastal Waters of Lamongan, Java, Indonesia (Penumpukan dan Potensi Fotopengekstrakan Logam Berat terhadap Enhalus acoroides di Perairan Pinggir Laut Therefore, a research is required using remote sensing imagery to obtain information on the condition of seagrass coverage. This vast extent can be reduced by consuming the E. acoroides seed pods (the thin fleshy skin of the fruit) as well as the seeds. James Cook University. 0000016261 00000 n Magnesium- and Ca-deficient leaves, on the other hand, accumulated large amounts of starch. Mathematical relationship between seagrass coverage and depth invariant indices was obtained by multiple linear regression method. Lamun Enhalus acoroides merupakan salah satu jenis lamun di perairan Indonesia yang umumnya hidup di sedimen berpasir atau berlumpur dan daerah dengan bioturbasi tinggi. A total of 97.1% of the population did not consume enough vegetables and fruits. Ostenfeld (1909) recorded Halo phila ovata (= Halophila minor) from the Philip pines, based on Loher's specimen trailer The Calcium and iron content of E. acoroides seed pods were higher than those of E. cottonii, and phosphorus content was higher than in C. lentilifera. h���A 0ð4hFz\Gcw��������z�C. 0000000016 00000 n 0 The results of the interpretation showed there were significant changes in the object of the seagrass ecosystem from 2008 to 2019. Bot, Practical advice on maintaining a healthy diet, Wakano, Deli. ��B��! <]/Prev 422134/XRefStm 1528>> Math. Klangprapun S, Buranrat B, Caichompoo W, Nualkaew S. Pharmacognostical and Physicochemical Studies of Enhalus acoroides (L.F.) Royle (Rhizome). Electron micrographs also showed a reduction in the number and size of starch grains in chloroplasts of K-deficient leaves, while those of Mg- and Ca-deficient leaves were filled with large starch grains. In natural seagrass beds, flowering occurs primarily under lengthening day lengths and warming temperatures that follow winter minima, but inflorescences may occur at other times of the year if temperatures permit.
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