It’s best to consider any epoxy coverage calculator a good starting point, but there are other factors and variables that might impact how much epoxy you will need. We have calculated for loss due to mixing and project overflow. All of their retail formulas are two-part epoxy systems made up of a resin (Part A) and a hardener (Part B). Start with checking the settings. "uploadDate": "2019-07-09", RESIN CALCULATOR Epoxy Systems LIQUID PIGMENTS Metallic Pigments Wood Repair Paste Stay updated! Please enter a valid email address. Home. Mix in one cup, then pour into another one and continue until it is completely mixed. Epoxy Product #15 Quartz Flooring Calculator calculates the amount of resin and quartz sand that you will need for your epoxy quartz flooring installation. Coverage is dependent on many factors and also varies by brand. Use the calculator below to work out approximately how much resin you will need for your resin river table project. Remember Me. Products. Only dispense the epoxy resin and hardener into a clean plastic, metal, or unwaxed paper mixing cup. When mixing, always scrape the sides. "description": "In this video, we go over an awesome hack and one of the most popular questions on this channel: How do I figure out how much Epoxy I need for my project? If you're preparing to add a coat of epoxy to something, you're definitely wondering how much epoxy you need. Please use this Epoxy Resin Calculator as a reference guide only for our table top and coating epoxy. Petri Dish Art Kit $49 Trinket Dish Kit $49 Colorant. Keeping this in mind, the 1-gallon kit should cover around 32 square feet, a 2-gallon kit roughly 64 square feet, and the 32-ounce kit around 8 square feet. If you find yourself wondering ‘How much resin do I need?’ and are trying to figure out how to convert cubic inches to ounces or gallons, you have come to the right place! Name. Art Resin Calculator: How Much Do I Need? Your Canadian source for wood and woodworking products. (spatulas, mixing cups, bowls, etc.) This will help ensure that the mix ratio has been dispensed accurately, promoting the best possible cure of the epoxy. Do not dispense more than the manufacturer’s maximum recommended amount of epoxy. Easy. Curing epoxy generates heat, so do not use foam or glass mixing containers. Epoke , Art , Pigment , Pastes, resin , Epoxy resin manufacturer , Epoxy Resin bangalore , art resin india , epoxy … High Performance Epoxy Kits include resin, hardener, and mixing tools. Note: enter thickness as decimal value (for example, 1/8″ is 0.125). Make sure that you are mixing the manufacturer’s recommended minimum mixing amount, and make sure the amount you need doesn’t go over the manufacturer’s maximum. Enter the dimensions here, and our free epoxy calculator will do the math for you! In cooler temperatures, add an extra minute to the stirring. To find out how much ArtResin you will need for a single 1/8" coat, input the length and width of your piece here! Epoxy Resin . The first stage is the Seal Coat and the second stage is the Flood Coat. View Product. Which Chill Epoxy™ Product is right […] RESIN COATING COVERAGE CALCULATOR Use the calculator below to determine the amount of resin needed for your application. U RESIN Liquid … So that's why I developed this app. Epoxy Calculator. Accurate measurements are imperative to an accurate estimate. We have calculated for loss due to mixing and project overflow. Resin Calculator. Use this fully interactive calculator to work out exactly how much epoxy resin you would need for a range of different projects. You wonder, “How much epoxy resin do I need?” Our epoxy resin calculator provides you with the answer! Divide the diameter by 2 to calculate the radius. Every resin application is subject to different variables so please use this information as a rough guide only. Epoxy can be measured by volume or by weight. Most problems related to the curing of the epoxy can be traced to mixing the resin and hardener at the wrong ratio, a poor job of mixing the two components together, or some outside contaminant. Resin Calculator. Do not mix or apply the next stage until the previous pour has started to harden, the exothermic reaction has occurred, and it has started cooling down. Measure the height, width and depth of your desired finished project. Please enter a valid length and width. Be an informed resin buyer and do your homework first ! Multiply these 3 measurements together to calculate the volume for the top of the table (or bar, or countertop) in cubic inches. Resin and More resin and pigment online shop, New Zealand Certain restrictions apply. }. Resin Calculator Calculate how much mixed resin you need to fill a mold, bezel or coat a piece of artwork or tabletop with this resin calculator. Just enter the diameter and desired finish thickness. Alternatively you can measure your resin and hardener by weight.  This is useful for very small or large projects where you can’t use our cups.  Many repeat epoxy users measure by weight instead of volume so they can use any container as long as they have a scale on hand.   Keep in mind the mix ratio by volume and weight are VERY DIFFERENT.  Measuring the equivalent weights for a 1:1 mix ratio by volume product will not cure properly and can result in a sticky mess.  Great news – we have a calculator here so you can avoid a lot of math when determining your epoxy needs. Length (in) Width (in) Depth (in) TABLE TOP & ART EPOXY CALCULATOR ? It can be daunting to determine how much epoxy you’ll need for your epoxy project.  That’s why we created a variety of calculators that will help you answer the question, “How much epoxy resin do I need?”  We also have helpful calculators that you can use when mixing your epoxy resin by weight and volume. Â. With this Epoxy Resin calculator you have the opportunity to calculate the required amounts of resin, resin / hardener after indication of length, width and height. You will need more if you are allowing epoxy to run over the edges, compared to building a dam or wall. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Calculating how much epoxy you need for any coating project is based on volume. When it comes to coating a rectangular surface, the basic formula for table top epoxy resin coverage is quite simple: First, measure the piece. "name": "TotalBoat", Input can be in cm and in inches. Note: There is .554 ounces in 1 cubic inch of Alumilite Resin. With this Epoxy Resin calculator you have the opportunity to calculate the required amounts of resin, resin / hardener after indication of length, width and height. To calculate volume in cubic inches: (radius squared) X pi (or, 3.14159265) x (desired epoxy coating thickness). We have therefore created an epoxy resin calculator for this purpose, with which the required amount of resin can be calculated very easily. Length (in) Width (in) Depth (in) TABLE TOP & ART EPOXY CALCULATOR ? canvas, MDF, aluminium, solid wood, etc. So that's why I developed this app. {"@context":"","@type":"FAQPage","mainEntity":[{"@type":"Question","name":"How Do I Calculate Epoxy Resin? Wood Calculator . Length: Width: Units: Calculate. I want my epoxy resin to cure harder, what can I do? For most table applications, Bar & Table Top Epoxy is applied in two stages. Comments 0 comments. Stir the two components together thoroughly. Enter the dimensions of your project and we’ll let you know how much If you have any comments or remarks, feel free to mail! And, you’ll probably lose a little to mixing or overflow. Stay Up To Date. The most common being epoxy resin which is made up of a resin and a hardner, but this can also apply to other mixtures, such as silicone rubber for moulds. The correct epoxy resin mixing ratio can also be calculated. Find out exactly with our quick and easy Epoxy Resin Calculator! Resin or hardener rich areas will not cure properly, and usually stay sticky, or leave a different surface texture than properly cured epoxy. "contentUrl": "", Use for casting insects, coins, flowers in displays and ornaments. Our epoxy calculator will help you determine how much you will need for your project. Divide by 1.805 to convert cubic inch volume to US fluid ounces. I want my epoxy resin to cure harder, what can I do? Variations may occur across different surfaces e.g. GALLERY. Casting Resin Calculator. If trying to calculate the amount of resin to cover a flat surface such as a painting or countertop, doming resins generally level to a depth of 1/8 inch, but can go thinner on flat surfaces. ArtResin has a label recommendation AND a Resin Calculator to help you figure out exactly how much epoxy resin you'll need for your project!1. "height": 60 New Product Releases, Sales, Restocks, … Enter the dimensions here, and our free epoxy calculator will do the math for you! Please enter your name. To use the calculator, find the product that you are planning on using for the project.  Enter the total weight of material that you’ll need and the calculator will tell you how much resin and hardener to measure when you’re ready to start your project. Affiliate Program, Knowing when to stop overworking your project, The Easiest Way to Measure Epoxy by Volume, For a seal coat you can use the calculators and estimate a depth of 1/16th inch.  The ultimate amount of epoxy needed may differ based on the porosity of the material, dryness of wood, etc. Â. Artist Resin Calculator. Epoxy Calculate Neat Resin Required - Calculate how far epoxy resin will go with no filler, at given thickness and square footage. To convert ounces to gallons, divide by 128. We know you do not have the time or the money to waste on products that do not work. You have to do this only once. Using MAS Epoxies Pre-marked Cups to Measure and Mix We want to save you time and using pre-marked mixing cups is the easiest way to, My Account A seal coat should only be needed for wood or otherwise porous materials. Enter the dimensions of your project and your desired depth and we’ll let you know how much Deep Pour & Casting epoxy you’ll need. Collapse submenu. "width": 250, Porous surfaces that require a seal coat will increase the amount of resin needed. As suggested by ArtResin, their epoxy resins should self-level at approximately 1/8 inch thickness. Deep Pour Calculator Our Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Volume Calculator below helps to estimate the amount of Pourable Plastic needed for a given project. Before embarking on your project, you should determine what are the dimensions of your mold and what quantity of resin you need to pour. Epoxy Resin Calculator Please use the Epoxy Resin Coverage Calculator above as a reference guide only. "}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Is a Seal Coat Needed? ThickSet is a premium quality two-part, clear, deep pour epoxy resin system. Ph: 1800 PIPE CORE (1800 747 326) We have a new address! Note: enter thickness as a decimal value (for example, 1/8″ is 0.125). For projects with a rectangular shape, volume is calculated by multiplying the length x width x coating thickness. This video goes in depth to answer this question and help you guys with your epoxy tables, art and many more ideas. It is imperative to dispense the proper amount of epoxy resin and hardener, whether it is by weight or by volume, and the two components must be completely mixed together. It has as less text as possible, so that anyone can understand it. Grease, oil, wax, or any other foreign materials are considered contaminants and can leave irregular textures on the surface, a fish eye effect, or drastically slow the cure. "publisher": { Every resin application is subject to different variables so please use this information as a rough guide only. Our general table top epoxy coverage rule is 12 square feet per mixed gallon at 1/8 inch. Epoxy Coverage Calculator. Enter your dimensions below, then choose the appropriate units, either inches or centimeters. To apply a seal coat, brush on, or apply a thin layer of epoxy to the surface. Please Note: This calculator will give you an estimation of the approximate amount of resin you require for your project. As with all epoxy resins, our systems are designed to work in a specific mix ratio between the two parts. We have formulated the calculations to follow the coverage rules of 12 square feet per mixed gallon at 1/8 inch. Switch to Metric Units. Casting resin is thinner than coating epoxy, which means it spreads more and you could use a smaller amount of it to cover the same surface area. Most common table top and bar top epoxies provide approximately 12 sq feet per mixed gallon coverage at 1/8″ thickness. Always scrape the bottom of the mixing cup and the sides ensure a good mix.
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