July is the warmest month of the year. The Iowa is an town of the United States in the Region Louisiana of the Country United States of America, Beaumont A colder and drier April last occurred in 2018, which was the coldest April on record. Rainfall amounts tapered off from a few tenths to under a tenth north of I-80. For example, at ranking level 1, California holds the record for highest temperature (134°), Alaska holds the record for lowest temperature (-80°), Arizona records the highest monthly averages for a year (105.0°) and Alaska records the lowest monthly average temperatures for a year (-21.6°). Over 100 stations reported an inch or more with the statewide average rainfall of 0.83 inch. The driest month is October, with 92 mm | 3.6 inch of rain. Wallace State Office Bldg. These data include quality controlled daily, monthly, seasonal, and yearly measurements of temperature, precipitation, wind, and degree days as well as radar data and 30-year Climate Normals. Find historical weather by searching for a city, zip code, or airport code. Station Data. The links take you to data for normal temperatures, precipitation, snowfall, sunshine and humidity. Seventeen stations reported an inch or more with Sioux Rapids (Buena Vista County) observing 1.76 inches while Rock Valley (Sioux County) reported over three inches. Overcast, cold and windy conditions persisted into the 25th as light snow fell across northwest Iowa. Station Data. Iowa Dept. Monthly: 1981-2010 normals History: 2008-2019 A secondary, weak cold front sped through Iowa on the 13th, leaving behind very light rain totals in the northeast. The northwestern half of Iowa saw additional storms overnight into the 22nd as a strong cold front approached Iowa. The average annual temperature in Iowa is 19.7 °C | 67.4 °F. Weather.com brings you the most accurate monthly weather forecast for with average/record and high/low temperatures, precipitation and more. The hottest day on record was August 17 1983 when the temperature hit 108.0°F. Knoxville Records; Highest Temperature. More showers and thunderstorms popped up in eastern Iowa ahead of a warm front lifting north from Missouri. Opelousas Sign up for our email newsletter by entering your email address. This location is classified as Cfa by Köppen and Geiger. Annual Weather Averages Near Des Moines. This ranked in the warmest third of the 125-year record and was the coldest year since 2014. To show a specific month, type in the 3 letter month name abbreviation in the Search box. Crowley A strong cold front pushed into western Iowa during the evening hours of the 11th, firing a line of strong thunderstorms. Totals tapered off in eastern Iowa with accumulations generally under 0.25 inch. The High Plains Climate Center and Midwestern Regional Cimate Center have a number of quality products for Iowa. of Agriculture & Land Stewardship Des Moines International Airport is 35 miles from Ames, so the actual climate in Ames can vary a bit. Other Resources. The warmest month in Des Moines International, Des Moines, Iowa is July with an average high temperature of 87.9°F. Weather.com brings you the most accurate monthly weather forecast for with average/record and high/low temperatures, precipitation and more. Rain totals from the system were under 0.50 inch; Knoxville (Marion County) observed 0.49 inch. Monthly: 1981-2010 normals Check records of past weather: explore how hot or cold it got through the week, how much rain or snow/sleet/hail fell, and how deep any snow was on the ground. Liquid equivalent precipitation was under 0.50 inches with a majority of observations less than 0.20 inch. The month ranked as the 48th driest October in 148 years of statewide records with a drier one last occurring in 2011. The almanac presents hundreds of in-depth weather records for 108 major U.S. cities and a climatic overview of the country, including 33 U.S. weather atlas maps. Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain. The average annual temperature in Iowa ranges from 45 degrees Fahrenheit (° F) in the extreme north to 52 in the southeastern corner of the State.In July, the hottest month, daily temperatures range from morning lows of around 61 and afternoon highs of 82° F in the northeast corner of the State up to lows of 65 and highs of 87 in the southwest. of Commerce, NOAA National Weather Service. October’s statewide average maximum temperature was 56.7 degrees, 5.7 degrees below normal while the average minimum temperature was 35.3 degrees, 3.9 degrees below normal. 17.5" February 13, 1960: Most snow in one month. State Climatologist of Iowa Over 50 stations reported an inch or more with some locations observing record snowfall for the date; the National Weather Service office in Johnston (Polk County) measured 7.2 inches. Light rain showers developed behind a low pressure system over the Great Lakes into the 16th with very light rain totals reported in eastern Iowa; Elma (Howard County) reported 0.05 inch. Monthly averages Des Moines Longitude: -93.6091, Latitude: 41.6005 Average weather Des Moines, IA - 50347. Climate Data Online (CDO) provides free access to NCDC's archive of global historical weather and climate data in addition to station history information. Groves As warmer and drier conditions continued into early October, severe drought expanded to around 30% of western Iowa with a one-category degradation of the northwestern D2 region to D3 (Extreme Drought). Monthly: 1981-2010 normals * Departures are computed from 1981-2010 normals. Precipitation totals tailed off to a few tenths of an inch southeast into central Iowa with a statewide average of 0.22 inch. The following table lists the highest and lowest temperatures recorded in the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and the 5 inhabited U.S. territories during the past two centuries, in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Monthly averages Des Moines Longitude: -93.6091, Latitude: 41.6005 Average weather Des Moines, IA - 50316. © 2020 Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. Select a link for the average weather, by month or year, in cities, towns and parks throughout Iowa. The Area of Iowa is roughly 8.37 km² (3.23 mi²) The tables give the normals for maximum and minimum temperatures based on weather data collected from 1981 to 2010 by the US National Climatic Data Center. Annual Weather Averages in Des Moines International Airport. There is a difference of 64 mm | 3 inch of precipitation between the driest and wettest months. Most of the precipitation here falls in July, averaging 156 mm | 6.1 inch. Based on weather … To start the month, very spotty showers were again reported across eastern Iowa on the 1st, though amounts were light. Weatherbase.com Offers records and averages, climatology and historical weather for 12,222 cities worldwide, searchable by city, state, country or ZIP code. Snow totals were light, ranging from trace amounts at several stations to 3.5 inches in Lowden (Cedar County). Cloud cover increased across western Iowa during the evening hours on the 2nd ahead of a disturbance that brought widespread rainfall over much of southern Iowa through the 3rd. The average temperature for … Throughout the year, temperatures vary by 17.7 °C | 63.9 °F. 105 F: July 1, 2012 : Lowest Temperature -24 F : January 21, 1985: Highest rainfall total in one day. Monthly averages Forest City Longitude: -93.6241, Latitude: 43.2348 Average weather Forest City, IA - 50436. Average temperatures for November at cities, towns and lakes throughout Iowa are listed below in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. Estherville Municipal Airport (Emmet County) reported the month’s low temperature of 5 degrees on the 27th, 27 degrees below normal. Monthly: 1981-2010 normals The closest Airports of Iowa are: Lake Charles Regional Airport (LCH) 23.51km,Lafayette Regional Airport (LFT) 98.09km,Jack Brooks Regional Airport (BPT) 101.89km, You can reach Iowa from this Cities by Plane: Dallas (DFW), The population of Iowa is approximately 2996 Agricultural Diversification & Market Development, Looking for more information? As the front propagated across the state, stronger thunderstorms began to fire later in the day across central Iowa and overnight into the 23rd. Sulphur Showers and thunderstorms moved over the same locations in eastern Iowa where 15 stations collected over two inches of rain. Station Data. Some storms turned severe with several reports of straight-line winds causing tree damage; a 61 mph wind gust was reported in Shenandoah (Fremont County). All Rights Reserved. Iowa climate summary The Iowa lies on 10m above sea level The climate in Iowa is warm and temperate. Temperature. Telephone: (515) 281-8981 Contact our bureau. Nederland 6.14" July 16, 1917: Highest rainfall total in one month. Include a date for which you would like to see weather history. E-mail: Justin.Glisan@IowaAgriculture.gov. Get the monthly weather forecast for Des Moines, IA, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. The temperature in July averages 27.7 °C | 81.9 °F. 17.62" April 1874: Highest rainfall total in one year. The system moved through Iowa overnight into the 26th with at least an inch of snow reported at many stations in the state’s western half. Farther down the page you'll find links to in-depth weather information for Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. US Dept of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service Omaha/Valley, NE 6707 North 288th Street Valley, NE 68064-9443 A snow squall warning was issued for the Des Moines metro area as a rapid onset of locally heavy snow reduced visibilities and caused conditions to deteriorate through early afternoon. Monthly averages Marion Longitude: -91.5969, Latitude: 42.0333 Average weather Marion, IA - 52302. The front continued through eastern Iowa during the late afternoon with winds shifting to the northwest. Temperatures averaged 46.0 degrees or 4.8 degrees below normal while precipitation totaled 1.66 inches or 0.95 inch below normal. Snow and rain tapered off through Sunday (18th) afternoon as daytime highs held in the low to mid 40s. With a persistent storm track over eastern Iowa, drought and abnormally dry conditions were removed as heavier rain and some snow fell. Home heating requirements, as estimated by heating degree day totals, averaged 6% more than last October and 31% more than normal. Westlake Iowa Interactive Map of Historical Record High and Low Temperatures Two-day rainfall totals at 7:00 am showed above two inches at numerous stations in eastern and central Iowa with Des Moines International Airport (Polk County) observing 3.11 inches; the statewide average rainfall was 0.65 inch. What can I do with these data? The Iowa State Climatologist's page has a number of products from the official source of climate data in the state.. Cloud cover increased through the late evening hours of the 17th as a cold front approached western Iowa. Lafayette Justin Glisan, Ph.D. Alexandria The statewide average snowfall was 1.8 inches, which is 1.5 inches above average. You can jump to a separate table for each region of the state: Eastern, Central and Western Iowa. Rain and some early season snow fell across much of Iowa on the 18th with a portion of west-central Iowa reporting snow totals above an inch; Perry (Dallas County) reported 2.7 inches while the Des Moines National Weather Service office in Johnston (Polk County) measured one inch of new snow. If observed, each station dataset includes daily max and minimum temperatures, total precipitation, snowfall, and depth of snow on ground. Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015. Precipitation deficits of one to two inches were reported over much of Iowa during October. 73.77" 1875: Most snow in one day. Get the monthly weather forecast for Iowa City, IA, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Higher totals were reported in the northwest quadrant with Pocahontas (Pocahontas County) measuring 2.4 inches while Sibley (Osceola County) observed 5.6 inches. Based on preliminary analysis, the average annual temperature for the contiguous U.S. was 52.7°F, 0.7°F above the 20 th century average. April 2020 ranks as the 40th coldest and 17th driest April in 148 years of statewide records. Click column header again to toggle increasing or decreasing sort. Temperatures averaged 46.8 degrees or 2.1 degrees below normal while precipitation totaled 1.59 inches or 1.92 inches below normal. Abbeville, © Climate-Data.org / AM OP / OpenStreetMap contributors, Iowa Weather by month // weather averages. 2014 was Iowa's sixth-coolest year in 142 years of weather records. Historical Climate Records and Top 10 lists of extreme events for the Sioux Falls area January is the coldest month, with temperatures averaging 10.0 °C | 50.0 °F. Monthly: 1981-2010 normals Rain showers were reported on the 20th with light amounts observed across northern Iowa which persisted through the next day. For the month, negative departures of three to six degrees were reported across the state with the coldest conditions found in northwestern Iowa. Weather.com brings you the most accurate monthly weather forecast for with average/record and high/low temperatures, precipitation and more. record low of 40°F in 1911 in Aibonito and 1966 in San Sebastian in Puerto Rico), only the most recent date is shown. Vinton If two dates have the same temperature record (e.g. Lake Charles Averages are for Des Moines International Airport, which is 5 miles from Des Moines. The map remained status quo through much of the rest of the month, given colder than average conditions and timely, widespread precipitation especially during the third week of October. Jennings Station Data. Monthly precipitation totals ranged from 0.50 inch at a rain gauge in Cantril (Van Buren County) to 5.76 inches at Elkader 6 SSW (Clayton County). The weather data in this report are based upon information collected by the U. S. Dept. Wetter than average conditions were found across portions of eastern Iowa with over two inches or more in a few northeastern counties. Rain totals reported at 7:00 am on the 12th were highest in the state’s northwestern one-third with general amounts in the range of 0.50 inch to 1.00 inch. Port Arthur Weather.com brings you the most accurate monthly weather forecast for with average/record and high/low temperatures, precipitation and more. Monthly averages Cedar Rapids Longitude: -91.6656, Latitude: 41.9779 Average weather Cedar Rapids, IA - 52401. Kinder Station Data. It was the coldest year for Iowa since 1917, Hillaker said. Weather history for places in Iowa. The National Climatic Data Center is the online archive for climate information from Iowa and the world!. The final drought depiction released prior to the start of October showed two regions of D2 (Severe Drought) in western Iowa embedded within a larger area of D1 (Moderate Drought); D1 covered 24% of Iowa while D2 covered 24% of the state. Iowa is a city with a significant rainfall. To search for a specific date, surround the date with quotes: "Aug 01" Click on the column header to sort by that column. Des Moines, IA 50319 October 2020 ranks as the 6th coldest on record with a colder October last occurring in 2009. Ames Municipal Airport (Story County), Red Oak (Montgomery County) and Shenandoah (Page County) reported the month’s high temperature of 88 degrees on the 9th, on average 20 degrees above normal. October 19th was an active weather day as a disturbance brought additional snow across an east-west swath of Iowa. Thus far this heating season, heating degree day totals are running 18% more than last year at this time and 23% more than normal.
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