Propagation a young plant works just as effectively as the mother plant as long as the shoot tips are non-blossoming with a length of 10-15cm. Because of this, many growers choose to move their potted bougainvillea outdoors during the summer months in order to ensure it gets enough rays. Bougainvillea "Miss Alice" is known by many names, including "Singapore White," "Mauna Kea White" and ‘Moonlight." The sap of Bougainvillea can cause diarrhea in humans if ingested in large amounts. With a little patience and regular cuttings, you will be able to grow further bougainvilleas during the entire propagation phase. A thornless variety of bougainvilleas, known as "Miss Alice", is prized for its brilliant white clusters of flowers and semi-dwarf size, reaching a mature height of 2 to 3 feet tall. 17. You can fertilize them when they’re in bloom from mid spring to early fall on a weekly basis using good quality liquid fertilizer. Kinds of Bougainvillea Bougainvillea Species. The thornless varieties of bougainvillea, such as Miss Alice, are known for their white clusters of flowers and moderate growing habit. There are over 250 known varieties of bougainvillea available, including thornless cultivars, giants, dwarf, and semidwarf plant types. … Photo by Matthew Gaston. When planting the vine, make sure it’s on a warm and sunny day. That said, most pets won’t have a problem around this plant as long as the thorns don’t prick them. While commonly referred to as such, even it can produce thorns on juvenille growth, apparently (see notes in the Virtual Tour of the AOS Garden ). This tea rose hybrid cultivar offers a strong fragrance, and is deemed safe for both kids and elderly people. ... We Grow Happiness! This is a hardy little shrub that can be kept trimmed to about 3 feet (under a meter) in height. "Singapore Pink," a sister variety of "Miss Alice," is … × buttiana (B. glabra, B.peruviana) are best for containers as they flower when young. Flowers and Bracts: Relatively inconspicuous, 0.1"-0.3" wide, cream-white. Texas Dawn. "Helen Johnson" is a dwarf variety well-suited for use as a ground cover in rock gardens or along a garden pathway. The best varieties for pots are bougainvillea bambino varieties they are new on the market and are compact and shorter growers besides they have fewer thorns. While you can transplant a bougainvillea in winter as long as it is protected from frost, the most recommended time is in spring. euphorbia; desert rose; mussaenda. bougainvillea liners: 90 varieties; hanging basket: bougainvilleas; 02 gallons: bougainvilleas-bush-trellis36″-standard & braided Trim hard when not in full bloom to encourage fullness of growth. Bougainvilleas should be planted on heights or hillsides, not on low grounds as they can get waterlogged. Bougainvillea comes in three different varieties; bush form, vine form, and Torch Glow, which is a more compact variety. Solve this simple math problem and enter the result. Bougainvillea – How to Grow and Care for This Tropical Flower, Best Christmas Tree Farms in North Hampton, NH, Growing Zone Map - Find Your Plant Hardiness Zone, 13 Trellis Plants & Climbing Flowering Vines You Can Start Today, Hindu Rope Plant Care - Growing The Hoya Carnosa ‘Compacta’, Honeysuckle Vines - Our Best Tips To Caring For Honeysuckle, Hoya Plant - Varieties, Grow And Care For The Wax Plant. She writes for a prominent website as a nature travel writer and contributes articles to other online outlets covering wildlife, travel destinations and the beauty of nature. After it has flowered, you can prune the branches severely all the way to the edge of the pot or basket and remove the weak or thin branches. This is a hardy little shrub that can be kept trimmed to about 3 feet (under a meter) in height. The most active growth season is during summer and early fall so with good quality soil and generous watering, the bougainvillea flowers will thrive. Thornless bougainvillea. We offer more than 80 different colors or varieties. It is slightly more tolerant to wet feet than most of the other varieties. Bougainvillea produces sprawling, arching branches, but can be trained to grow as a standard. Bougainvillea Pink Donya. We Grow Happiness! They are heavy bloomers throughout Spring an The newer `Bambino’ varieties have fewer thorns. Dwarf varieties of bougainvillea are well-suited for trailing on entryways, arbors, from hanging baskets or cultivated as bonsai specimens. The shrubs of bougainvilleas have fibrous and delicate root systems so take care when planting. Extra Large Shop online on the Westdale Nurseries website for colourful bougainvillea plants; choose from shades of lilac, orange pink, purple, red, violet, white and yellow. Sku #9573. Affeld's passion for the environment inspires her to write informative articles to assist others in living a green lifestyle. The Best Ways to Trim a Bougainvillea & Avoid Thorns. Most potting soils already contain compost in them. Bougainvillea Growers International: Bougainvillea 'Helen Johnson', University of Florida Extension: Right Plant, Right Place Florida Friendly Bougainvillea Has Everything -- Looks, Personality, Bougainvillea Growers International: Bougainvillea Varieties. Dwarf bougainvillea provides glorious color to your landscape without the rampant growth of full size varieties. Packs from $59.95. Maintain the humidity level by spraying the plant’s leaves with cool mists of water. Log in. Bougainvillea x 'Koiro' Plant Patent #23,272. Extra Large A dwarf form of thornless Bougainvillea with extremely slow growth rate. In reply to Hi Max, I enjoyed reading… by Sam (not verified). They are called the Bambino Series and have been bred or introduced to Australia by bougainvillea expert Jan Iredell. ;and if so where I can get one from as I love the bush but hate the thorns, as everyone else I expect. Just do an internet search for thornless bougainvillea and they will come up - I saw at least three. The only true dwarf bougainvillea is the ‘Helen Johnson’ variety. Bougainvillea's vibrant colors come not from its small, inconspicuous true flowers, but from the three large bracts that surround them. There are few rivals to this group of plants for profusion of flower colour in a hot climate. The rounded leaves are light green. Today. A passionate writer for more than 30 years, Marlene Affeld writes of her love of all things natural. Bougainvillea Bougainvillea species and cultivars Family: Nyctaginaceae Brilliant clolour displays over a long season, toughness and and heat tolerance make Bougainvillea ideal for sunny warm-climate gardens.. The true flower of a bougainvillea is a very small cream trumpet. It would be nice if there were a thornless bougainvillea. The … Bougainvillea × buttiana ‘Poulton’s Special’ AGM: magenta-rose bracts [B. slugs, snails, bacterial and fungal leaf spot, phids, and scale insects. There are over 250 varieties of this plant, with some known to be very large climbers while others are dwarfs that only grow to a meter in height. Other bougainvillea dwarf varieties … Bougainvillea 'MONCliff' Clear of any orange or pink tones, the profuse golden yellow flowers are brighter than other varieties, and offer warm, versatile color that combines well with any flower or structure color, climbing up an arbor, trellis or fence. 3 to 4 inch tip trims during the growing season. Bougainvillea Elizabeth - 85mm. Bougainvillea has flowers that resemble colored tissue paper, hence the nickname Paper Flower. This variety also grows well in containers or hanging baskets in nutrient rich soil. This tea rose hybrid cultivar offers a strong fragrance, and is deemed safe for both kids and elderly people. Are bougainvilleas evergreen? More than 250 varieties of bougainvillea are available, including dwarf, semidwarf, thornless and giant. Why is my bougainvillea turning yellow? Yep, we are an August family, brother, sister and me all born in the same month! The more direct sun they get the better. Plants go dormant in summer. Plant Patio trees or the Dwarf Pixies or Variegated varieties in Patio & walkway settings for less maintenance. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below, and don’t forget to share this article with other plant growing enthusiasts! For detailed instructions on how to grow and care for your bougainvillea, watch this video: The shipping aspect is critical only to the grower, especially in out-of-state sales. The new varieties grow to around 1.5m (5′) tall and wide. Plugs are starter plants with approximately 1” in diameter by 1 ¼+” deep roots in plastic cups. hoonie. Bougainvillea "Vera Deep Purple," a patented semidwarf variety recently introduced from Europe, presents brilliant fuchsia-colored clusters of flowers. Diminutive size with upright, mounding growth habit is great for patio containers, courtyards and smaller scale landscapes. Varieties of Bougainvillea. You can visit the “Bougainvilleas” area where you will be able to additionally enjoy those types or varieties on each color. Just as you would plant a shrub, simply dig a hole that’s at least twice as wide as the root ball of the plant. Bougainvillea is classed as evergreen because it keeps its leaves all-year-round in mild climates. The blossoms of Helen Johnson are hot pink with a tinge of purple. In winter, use a humidifier or a humidity tray if keeping the plant indoor. Bougainvillea Assorted - 85mm. The leaves are long and dark green. Add a little compost to the hole to help hold the moisture. Any good quality soil with adequate drainage will suffice. The only error or discrepancy I have found is the scientific name of bougainvillea is not prunus dulci. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. The lilac variations are closest to the original Brazilian bougainvillea shades, while the delicate pinks and whites – especially the “Bridal Bouquet” – have a fairy-tale quality. The bougainvillea needs to be out in the fresh air and the planting can be done any time from end of spring to beginning of fall so it can fully flourish. 16 years ago. Miss Alice can grow up to 2 feet in height and is mainly used to cover the ground. It is fast growing, thornless and blooms off and on all year rather than just in the cooler months like some of the Bougainvillea species. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. A thornless variety, "Miss Alice" is prized for its brilliant white clusters of flowers and semidwarf growing habit. Saved by Top Tropicals. "Singapore Pink," a sister variety of "Miss Alice," is semi-thornless, presenting pale pink blooms. And, if you’re about thorns, there’re thornless species too. Bougainvilleas are available from specialist bougainvillea cultivators Westdale Nurseries in a variety of stunning colours. Bougainvillea is disease resistant, drought-tolerant and easy to grow. The most common varieties are shades of red, orange, pink and purple, but white and even golden forms are available. Bougainvillea Dwarf Varieties. You covered all the essential points about the plant in a readable format. Some of the best varieties available include: Barbara Karst – A heat lover and young bloomer with bright red bracts that appear bluish-maroon in the shade. B. arborea, a species introduced into the US trade in the 1990s, is possibly the closest thing to a thornless Bougainvillea. low rainfall and direct sunlight. The only true dwarf bougainvillea is the ‘Helen Johnson’ variety. There are over 250 known varieties of bougainvillea available, including thornless cultivars, giants, dwarf, and semidwarf plant types. In 1986, Aguado & Sons Nursery opened its doors, offering one of the largest varieties of bougainvillea plants in the United States, and in 1989, developed Exotic Birds Farm, Inc. Stop the fertilizing supply from October to March. Don’t be surprised if it dries out every day during warm summer days. Best Bougainvillea varieties with names / Bougainvillea variety names Hello friends, Welcome to New Mind Garden.. The colored bracts are the source of visual appeal. One of five modern “smooth” hybrid rose varieties created in the 1980s, the Smooth Prince is known for its cerise red blooms and thornless availability. 16 years ago. The bougainvillea plant was discovered during the round the world voyage of Louis Antoine, Comte de Bougainville (1729-1811), the French admiral and explorer. In the winter, grow inside using a humidity tray. Dwarf varieties of bougainvillea are well-suited for trailing on entryways, arbors, from hanging... Thornless Varieties. The optimum temperature for these flowers are 70-85 degrees fahrenheit during the day, and 60-70 degrees fahrenheit at night. Varieties of Bougainvillea. There are over 300 cultivars (cultivated varieties) of Bougainvillea! The plant then focuses on growing branches and forgets about the thorns. Bougains generally bloom best when they’re in an adequately-sized pot. The thornless varieties of bougainvillea, such as Miss Alice, are known for their white clusters of flowers and moderate growing habit. If growing one of the smaller varieties in a pot or container, ensure you use a good-quality potting mix. Note: never put the fertilizer directly on dried soil. Bougainvillea "James Walker," also known as "Ambiance," is a slow-growing dwarf variety, widely used in hanging baskets. Mom says it was those cold winters. ;and if so where I can get one from as I love the bush but hate the thorns, as everyone else I expect. These plants are among the fastest growing tropical plants that can grow up to 36 inches every year. Remember that you will need to water your potted bougainvillea more often than if it were in the ground. Other Common Bougainvillea Varieties Thornless Credit to Dinesh Valke. The long, large elliptical leaves are medium to dark green. Bougainvillea plants are lovers of sunlight and need full daily exposure in order to thrive. If the plant isn’t subjected to more frosts, it will regrow. They prefer a frost-free climate but will recover from a light frost. Yellow Glory is a fast growing vine that is ideal for the outdoors. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Packs from $59.95. 1. These showy evergreen dwarf beauties have numerous bright colorful bracts growing in an upright habit. When watering, water the plant thoroughly and wait until its soil is dry before watering it again. The plants will more than likely not flower indoors so if possible, keep them outdoors and provide them with maximum sun exposure. Don’t loosen the roots and make sure the hole in the soil is wide enough to accommodate the roots and allow maximum growth space. Just as the name suggests, this variety only reaches up to 4 feet in height and the same in width. A low-growing plant, it reaches a mature height of 4 feet tall and grows up to 4 feet wide. Bougainvilleas are generally pest and disease resistant, but they can be troubled by snails, slugs, spider mites, and aphids. It seems that the level of hormone responsible for the growth, including thorns, is very minimal due to its intended size. Yellowing can also be a sign of excessive watering, too little sunlight, or insect damage. View our complete list of Bougainvillea Varieties 67-Raspberry-Ice @Wenwen Just got a confirmation from a cousin who’s expert at bougainvillea bonsai making that they are thornless. Rare tropical plants, fragrant flowers, exotic fruit.
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