According to real estate experts, the average ROI for installing hardwood floors is about 70% to 80%, and wood floors can boost the sales price of your home as much as 2.5%. Deep x 7-3/8 in. All of this information should be taken into consideration when looking for the best flooring to put in your investment property. Tiles or natural stone provide one of the best stairway flooring options when you want maximum durability and low maintenance. Laminate and low-pile carpet make great options for home offices. The best flooring for people with limited mobility is rubber or low-pile carpet. Free Mobile Apps Good flooring for bedrooms is a soft and warm material like carpet or cork. I'd work my way down the nosing getting each section … Stairs are the highest-traffic area of any home. If you need to match old flooring in a home, look for solid hardwood or natural stone tile. There’s often more than one right answer when comparing factors like durability, comfort and style. Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring are beautiful options for high-traffic and moisture-prone areas in the home. Use the below guide to choose which type or types are best for your space. The best rated laminate stair treads product is the Paradise Jatoba 47 in. You can either do wall to wall carpeting or a carpet runner on top of wood treads. Once you’ve selected the flooring for your entryway, use the same flooring on the stairs. For this reason, it can be difficult to decide on flooring for stairs that balances design, comfort, and durability. Natural Stone Tile Flooring. These types can handle higher humidity and spills without warping or bleaching. These materials handle higher moisture better than hardwood and can be installed on a concrete subfloor. They may also be able to get better prices on materials than homeowners. The prettiest flooring has a lot of character and comes in hardwood, natural stone tile or terrazzo. Hardwood stairs are easy to maintain, don’t trap dirt like carpet, and add elegance to your home. These styles have been popular for centuries. I'd get one side of the nosing aligned correctly and pull out the piece of wax paper under where I have it aligned. Determine the most important factors for you to narrow down your choices of the best material or materials for your space. Vinyl flooring is not the cheap-looking alternative it used to be. Place the stair nose where it … There is no question the contrasting risers pop! To find the perfect flooring material, you may also need to compare the finer details of two types, such as: The most durable hard flooring types are: The ideal flooring for pets is non-slip porcelain or stone tile. Our most popular size is a 48” tread. A … Carpet installation costs $3.50 to $11 per square foot, making it one of the cheapest materials. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile Flooring. Another durable option is ceramic or natural stone tile. The total cost to install laminate floors averages between $2.70 and $10 per square foot. It's got to look nice, it's got to feel good to walk on and it's got to be easy to clean. When planning new flooring for seniors there are several considerations. Vinyl or Linoleum. The material is an integral part of your interior design. Red Chair and Tulips. Because the width of most laminate-flooring planks is a little over 7 inches, you’ll have to piece two planks together to cover the entire tread surface. Consider these factors: There are six popular flooring materials used in residential homes, from classic hardwood to eco-friendly laminate. Tile can also be used as an accent when combined with other materials, such as wood, to add a unique design element to your staircase. Maintenance. Although it can be a bit chilly underfoot, tile offers an amazing number of design possibilities with a myriad of different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures to choose from. The best recycled flooring materials are bamboo and cork. The safest flooring option for steps By far, the safest option for the steps is carpeting. I’m wondering if removing the wood floor and keeping just the granite will increase my home value. We really do ask a lot, so if you're wondering how on earth to decide which is the best hallway flooring to meet all your needs, we can help. Rubber tile or rubber sheets. Hardwood or carpet are the best flooring choices for the living room. A well installed hand-scraped or distressed floor is one of the best ways to give a space depth and contour and further personalize the look of your new wood flooring. Keep in mind that finishes require different amounts of care. HomeAdvisor App, By using HomeAdvisor, you agree to our Terms & Conditions, HomeAdvisor International: Carpet remains a favorite for many homeowners, especially for bedrooms. The best non-slip industrial or commercial flooring includes: a floating floor is one where the boards are not nailed or glued to the subflooring beneath it. Others like sheet flooring if you need to wrap the vinyl around the edge of the stairs. The major issue with installing laminate flooring on stairs is durability - stairs tend to get more wear-and-tear than most other surfaces in your home. If you’re not sure which kind of flooring you have, look at pictures online to get a sense. Here are the best flooring choices for the elderly with a … When you choose flooring for the den or family room, consider vinyl or carpet. If you’re using a stair nose, you will need to measure the distance from the riser (or flooring installed/laminate install continuation) to the stair nose and the length of the steps. Types of Flooring Materials. You can put as many different types of flooring in a room as you like, as long as you put transitions between them. Due to the difficulty of the project and weight of the tile, it’s best to hire a stone floor installation professional. With prices running as low as $0.75 per square foot for materials, the cheapest flooring types are vinyl or carpet. Luckily, Floor Coverings International is here to help! Carpet Safety should always come first an as unbelievable as it may sound a carpet will not prevent you from slipping and falling down the stairs. Of course, planks are installed horizontally on stairs, so this may be the best bet if you’re aiming for uniformity from your steps to your main floors. Wood treads and risers are typically installed by a stair specialist, not the company installing the flooring, although some high-end wood flooring contractors also handle stairs. You can not use think laminate on traditional staircases. Other suitable flooring solutions for basement stairs. It also determines use, difficulty of installation and maintenance. This is a … Tile. Just be aware that installation can be difficult with click-together flooring depending on the dimensions of your stairs. The cost to install a natural stone floor averages most homeowners between $800 and $3,000 for materials and labor. Most laminate stair treads range from $10 to $100 in price. Netherlands: Werkspot Stairways often experience some of the highest amounts of traffic in your home. A short, dense carpet will handle the heavy traffic and outlast those with longer fibers. They are durable, stain-resistant and ideal for high-traffic. Open Staircase. ($3-$8/sq. The best option for this room is concrete. Therefore, it is crucial that the carpet … These days, this synthetic flooring for the home is durable and effectively mimic wood, ceramic and stone. The depth of most stair treads (the part you actually put your foot on) is 11 inches. Floating floor materials are durable and relatively easy to install. The cost of installing a ceramic or porcelain tile floor depends on the type of tile chosen, but averages $13.50 to $83 per square foot. Their are several pros and cons of laminate flooring to consider when researching this material. Cork or carpet are ideal options for soundproofing. Hardwood stairs are easy to maintain, don’t trap dirt like carpet, and add elegance to your home. Before you select, it’s wise to educate yourself on what’s available as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. Carpet: Carpet is a type of floor covering made of thick fibers. Canada: HomeStars ft. for tiles, and $1-$5/sq. Slippery carpet stairs are however not as dangerous as hardwood floors since they provide a soft landing thus the fall will hurt a little less. Tile or vinyl are the most durable flooring options for entryways and foyers. Nothing finishes a room off better than complementing your hardwood flooring with a beautiful hardwood staircase. Length x 1/2 in. They are waterproof and scratch resistant. If you need to install outdoor flooring, your best bet depends on location: The best place to buy flooring is from local or national flooring contractors near you. To choose flooring, it’s best to start by determining what you need. Cork also provides additional insulation with an R-value about 1.125, the highest of indoor hard surfaces. Your choice of flooring is one of the most important decisions you have to make when it comes to improving your home. If it’s still unclear, take a photo to a local installer for more information. 3. The 2 best flooring solutions for basement steps. Serving , and surrounding areas, call us today to schedule a free, in-home consultation! The expense to install a carpet pad averages $3.75 per square foot. Hardwood Flooring. Afterward, you might need to cut more pieces for the rest of the stairs. We'll help you find top-rated, pre-screened pros in your area. Even if you prefer hard surfaces such as hardwood or laminate, carpet on the stairs is still a good idea, even if it is in the form of a runner on the stairs. Natural stone tile is a classic flooring option that includes granite, marble, travertine and sandstone. Determining which flooring is right for the stairs in your home can be a tough task. I have a laminate wood floor but under that I have granite. Germany: MyHammer France: 123Devis & Travaux The best carpet for stairs has a low pile—¾-inch or less—to be both more stable underfoot and resilient to traffic. These companies usually have reliable service and a good inventory. Curved Staircases. One disadvantage however is that solid and engineered hardwood are more expensive than other materials. Keep reading to learn more! The best flooring for bathrooms or kitchens is tile or vinyl. Laminate flooring can be installed on stairs, or anywhere else that you would install hardwood flooring. Prepare the area where you plan to lay your new laminate flooring … The cost to install wood flooring ranges ... 2. It really depends on your own preference, but some homeowners like vinyl tiles because they're smaller and more straightforward to put down. The best flooring for laundry rooms are vinyl or tile. Other considerations, such as steps, should be taken into account. These materials work well in most rooms. Create a profile to save your favorites so that we can be better prepared for your free, in home consultation! Choose your laminate flooring. The Best Flooring Solutions for Your Stairs, ← Going Coastal: 3 Flooring Ideas for Your Beach House. If you’re looking for unique flooring materials that look great or have extra benefits like sustainability, consider these other types: Wondering which flooring is right for your home? Closed Staircases. Having a carpet that is too thick may cause one to trip over especially if there are active children in the house. Feb 7, 2013 - Choosing the best flooring for covering stairs in your home should be easy. It seems there’s this stigma associated with the term ‘vinyl’ because of the older types (think linoleum). Engineered hardwood is another option for stairs that provides similar benefits to solid hardwood, but with added resistance to moisture, dents and scratches. Make sure the tread lays flush and level against the riser. Safety. Hallway flooring needs to be many things. The most durable flooring options for outbuildings are concrete or pressure-treated wood. 5. This waterproof surface is less likely to scratch or wear underfoot. Thanks to its performance and style, one of the most popular choices for stairs is hardwood flooring. The quality, durability and realistic look & texture of the newer vinyl planks is simply amazing. The cost to professionally install vinyl or linoleum flooring ranges from $3.50 to $15 per square foot. Another great option to get a wood look is laminate, which is highly versatile, less expensive, and easier to maintain than solid or engineered hardwoods. How much do laminate stair treads cost? The flooring types most likely to resist fire are stone or porcelain tile. You can use wooden shims … The best DIY option is a floating floor in vinyl or engineered hardwood. The hand-scraping method you choose for your floor doesn’t have to stop when it comes to the stair treads. Learn More. Laminate floors have a very strong surface and won’t show wear the same way as carpet or hardwood. It is cut to fit the size of the space. Flooring types with a waterproof, non-porous surface include: Vinyl plank or sheet is the easiest to install or maintain. A staircase rug is also soft to the feet. Apply an Anti-Slip Floor Finish. Refinishing hardwood flooring costs $3 to $8 per square foot. UK: MyBuilder, © Copyright 1999-2020 HomeAdvisor, Inc. All Rights Reserved How to Put Vinyl Plank Flooring on Stairs . Like what you read? Hardwood continues to be the top choice for its great appearance and long-term ROI. Anti-slip floor finish is a liquid solution that you can apply directly to … These provide an ideal balance of comfort and durability. So, if you’re redoing the floors in the foyer, run the planks in the same direction as the front door. Laminated flooring is prepared by blending various materials like concrete, melamine, and insulating fibers. The ease-of-preparing laminated stairs can be understood by comparing the following aspects. No matter where you install vinyl flooring, you should always prepare your space. Remove the Overhang If Required. Laminate is the most popular floating floor material, but other planks can be used. Before you decide on … The quality of laminate has improved in recent years, so … Hardwood continues to be the top choice for its great appearance and long-term ROI. The cheapest of the modern finishes, this type adds a warm glow to popular wood flooring options like white oak or maple. Let the Floor Guide You These months avoid the fall and summer rush, which mean you can get better deals and quick installation. for sheet rubber in rolls): You’ve … Think about the senior’s mobility, how slick the floor surface is, the maintenance the floor requires, and how well the flooring will absorb the shock of a fall. works well indoors and outdoors, depending on the style. Durability. Try using a slate tile. Laminate Flooring. Children are more likely to spill or scratch surfaces, and these products can be easier to maintain. Another option for basement steps is do some sort of glue down vinyl. We also recommend investing in a high quality pad to extend your carpet’s life. 4. Learn about the necessary safety precautions we’re taking as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are looking at carpet flooring for your stairs, choose a one with a short or loop pile such as Berber carpeting. Hardwood or tile are the ideal flooring choices for resale value. Types of Flooring Carpet. Having carpet on the stairs is infinitely safer than having the stairs covered with hard surface flooring. Be sure to click the "Save Favorites" button to create a gallery of your favorites. Thanks to its performance and style, one of the most popular choices for stairs is hardwood flooring. Privacy Policy, “Before making any final flooring purchase, get samples of your top choices and compare them side-by-side in the room where they’re going to be installed. Other tips for basement stairs. They offer comfort and style without compromising durability. Additionally, there are several other lesser-used types that come with their own benefits. According to, the trend in 2008 was to return to the clean look of wood or laminate floors … Treads come in widths from 36” up to whatever you need, typically in 6” increments. 1. Best Hardwood Floor Finish for High-Traffic: Oil-Based Polyurethane Oil-based polyurethane offers middle-of-the-road durability at an affordable price. A growing number of customers are leaning toward Vinyl. Most people prefer one or two. Install Tread. Hardwood in particular can have an ROI as much as 70% to 80%. Installing Laminate Flooring on Your Stairs Once you have your laminate flooring in the house and you’ve let it acclimate for at least 48 hours, you’re ready to start laying down the planks. Get in touch with your local Floor Coverings International to learn more about the best flooring solution for your stairs. They really should have came up with a new name for these “new tech” planks. The best flooring for radiant heating has a thickness of 0.375 inches to 0.5 inches in these materials: The most resilient flooring for kids is carpet or vinyl. Installing garage floor coatings or garage tiles helps provide a non-slip surface that is easy to clean. These materials are soft and non-slip. The best basement flooring types are tile, laminate or engineered hardwood. Carpet or hardwood are the most appropriate choices for stairs and hallways because they are easier to cut to unusual sizes. Carpeted stairs are less slippery, making carpet a great choice if you have children or stairs with a higher rise. Wood Wood stairs can be a dangerous option because apart from being slippery t… Many homeowners prefer this for rooms like a young child’s play area or recording studio. Homeowners trust Floor Coverings International when it comes to their flooring needs and we’re here to help you find the perfect option for your stairs. Height Laminate Riser to be Used with Cap A Tread. Terms & Conditions | Hard surfaces are slippery, and can easily lead to a fall. If you’re installing the same flooring for the whole house, you’ll probably want solid hardwood or tile. A polished marble surface will show scratches and scuffs more easily than a tumbled one, for example. Italy: Instapro These materials are moisture-resistant and hardy in hot or cold weather. better for kitchens and decks than most woods. The best time to buy flooring is early winter and late spring. Carpet is soft, cozy, and inviting. Clean Floors with Shaw R2X Carpet Protection, Three Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Flooring. The cost to install wood flooring averages between $6 and $12 per square foot for labor and materials, but can run much higher depending on the wood and design chosen. All you need to do is sweep it regularly and mop on occasion. Laminate Flooring Is Relatively Inexpensive. Factor treads into your layout by starting with those and centering them on your stairs. They don’t burn or melt except at very high temperatures. These materials also go well in the mudroom. Another option is to use a naturally finished riser with a darker stained tread. Some materials, like travertine, are more durable than others. It’s usually the choice for bedrooms since no one likes getting up and stepping on a cold, hard floor. Pay attention to how the samples appear under different light conditions.”, Builders (New Homes), Architects & Designers, Best Type of Flooring for Dogs, Cats or Other Pets, Get Help Choosing Between Wood and Laminate, cost to professionally install vinyl or linoleum flooring, cost of installing a ceramic or porcelain tile floor, Compare Quotes For Your Floor Tiling Project, Get Help Choosing the Right Stone For Your Floor, Why A New Roof May Cost You Zero Dollars (in the Long Run), Laminate vs. Vinyl Flooring: Pros, Cons & Differences, many varietals available to vary color and style, expensive compared to other top flooring materials, can develop scrapes, scratches and dents over time, variety of colors and styles, like natural wood, great for kitchens, bathrooms and entryways, difficult to maintain – professional cleaning recommended at least once a year, not recommended for moisture-prone areas: kitchen, bathroom, great for the kitchen, indoor gym or play area, usually costs more than other wood styles, composite made of natural stone chips and resin. If you already have an over hang, it is better to remove it prior to … Picking tile for your stairways gives the stairs a different look. I would then put the nosing down (the nosing with contact cement on, of course). When is the Right Time to Replace Your Worn-Out Carpet? Solid wood is the highest-quality and most-durable material for molding, trim or transition. What if you have asbestos tiles on your basement steps? The Best Flooring for Dogs Furry friends can wreck havoc on your floors. Among contemporary flooring options, laminate flooring stairs are becoming increasingly popular. This will vary depending on walls and flooring installation on the floor. Photo Credits (in order) Robophobic, Santiago Cornejo.
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